• Baby Goat

    • Baby Goat Whole: $10.50/lbs
    • Baby Goat Half: $11.50/lbs
    • Baby Goat by the Pound: $11.50/lbs
    • Baby Goat Leg: $15.00/lbs
    • Baby Goat Ground(Kheema): $14.00/lbs
    • Goat Organs: $10.00/lbs
    • Goat Paya: $6.00/lbs
    • Goat Tongue: $12.00/lbs
    • Goat Stomach: $5 each
    • Goat/Lamb Brain: $16.00/lbs

  • Baby Lamb

    • Baby Lamb Whole: $11.00/lbs
    • Baby Lamb By the Pound: $12.00/lbs
    • Goat/Lamb Brain: $16.00/lbs
  • Chicken

    • Chicken Whole: $4.00/lbs
    • Chicken Breast: $6.50/lbs
    • Chicken Leg Quarters: $3.70/lbs
    • Chicken Thighs Boneless: $5.90/lbs
    • Chicken Wings: $5.50/lbs
    • Country/Desk Chicken: $30 Each
  • Beef

    • Beef Chunks Boneless: $6.80/lbs
    • Beef Shank: $7.50/lbs
    • Beef Ground: $6.80/lbs
    • Beef Paya: $5.50/lbs
    • Beef Tongue: $10.00/lbs

  • Pasanda and Steak

    • T-Bone Steak: $11.00/lbs
    • Rib Eye Steak: $18.00/lbs
    • Tendorloin: $20.00/lbs
    • Knuckle Steak: $8.50/lbs
    • Inside Round Steak: $7.50/lbs
    • Inside Round Pasanda: $7.50/lbs
  • Veal, Eggs, and Spices

    • Veal With Bone: $9.50/lbs
    • Chicken Eggs: $7/Dozen
    • Duck Eggs: $10/Dozen
    • Garam Masala: $5.00/2oz

Goat, Lamb, and Egg orders will be ready for pickup or delivery the next day.
Chicken, Veal, and Beef orders placed over the weekends will be ready for pickup or delivery in two business days.

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Our Meat's

Indulge your culinary desires with our diverse selection of premium meat cuts, meticulously sourced from both Veal and Beef categories, ensuring a delectable range that caters to every palate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your farm located?

Antioch Illinois. Zipcode is 60002

Do you have live animals on your farm?

Yes. We currently have Chickens, ducks, and goats on our farm.

Is this a family owned business?

Yes, this is 100% family owned business.

Is your Meat and Poultry Fresh?

Yes. It is fresh and can be delivered the next day!

Is your Meat and Poultry 100% zabiha halal?

yes, our Meat and Poultry is 100% zabiha halal. We have a certificate from Shariah Board of America.

Which states do you deliver in?

Currently, delivery is only available within 75 miles of our Farm in Antioch, Illinois.

Do you accept EBT?

Maahir Farms is not able to accept EBT payments at this time. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and PayPal.

Can I make a special Request for the order?

Yes, you can write your special request in the "order special instructions" field. We will try our best to accommodate your request.